Who Was Ashlyn

Ashlyn Leigh Shoemaker

May 20, 1990 - April 21, 2005


Ashlyn is the anglicized version of the Celtic name Aislinn, which means vision or dream. Ashlyn was indeed a dream. She enchanted everyone she touched. She was the rare combination of compassion, intelligence and beauty. In the short time that she graced this planet, she had the opportunity to do many things. She developed many different interests, nurtured along by the many people in her life that loved her. She was well read, loved animals, had a flair for style and trends, enjoyed traveling, loved the beach and surfing and dedicated a great deal of time to her hobbies.

As a person, she was refined, kind and compassionate. She saw the best in people, especially the one's that were easily overlooked. She was a safe port for her friends that were having complications in their life and provided companionship to her parents, grandparents and other family members.

She attended grade school at Carden Jackson in Pearland, and Ball High School in Galveston, TX. She was loved and appreciated by many in each of those comunities.

In her passing, we also realize that she was a teacher. She has taught us to not take life for granted, to appreciate the people around you, to be kind to your neighbor and to look for the best in people.

She was taken from us suddenly on April 21, 2005. The cause of her death is thought to be hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition that she was diagnosed with at 12 years of age. Her mother shares this condition, and was diagnosed when pregnant with Ashlyn.

We hope that the lessons that Ashlyn taught all of us about life will continue to resonate in your life.

She was an amazing daughter, granddaughter, cousin and friend.

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